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It's not you, it's 20six.

I'm not really finding that 20six and I are compatible any longer. We don't seem to speak the same language. I'm over in another blog land... email me and I'll send you a map. TT, email me for crying out loud.
11.7.06 00:27


Wow, all new 20six.
6.6.06 17:44


Tonight. 7:00 at the Ellis.
31.5.06 21:16

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Sorry for the nothingness of writing. I've been busy and then sick and then sicker yet... But things are going along swimmingly. Lots of book-related things this past weekend, which was hard as I have managed to scratch my eyeball (there is, I'm sure, a medical term for this)...
As soon as I figure out how to make privatized entries, I'll add some pics for those of you on my list.

Betty Jean, I've got a pdf ready for your viewing. Look for it in the mail shortly.

Love to all!
30.5.06 15:08

My next book soon available!

Look for more details in the coming month or so.
Bette Jean, I'll send you the pdf.

19.5.06 19:44

Magic fingers

"Look at this,' you whispered
holding out your hand.

In it, I saw nothing
just palm and
lines and

"It's empty," I said
eyes meeting yours.

"Look again," you say

and suddenly,
you are holding

a bouquet of flowers
things of great beauty
an eyelash
a baby's giggle
the world

I am amazed at
all that you can conjure
in hands I see as empty
and you see

as the future
of everything.

this longing overtakes me
to have you produce
from my nothingness
all things of such
passion and beauty.

and yet
I am not your creation.

Later, when you have gone
I sit on the floor before the mirror
my hands empty
on making self appear

as magic.
9.5.06 16:30

glass castles

Acting surprised
you wipe the knife on your sleeve
eyebrows raised
grass covered in crimson
you pick me a flower

"you okay?" you ask
knowing I'm not

I swallow
words, hope,
the tender collateral of self
it is like glass
shards cutting on the way down

reminding me of the foolishness
of having brought them out
in the first place.

8.5.06 16:40

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